F&D Barbershop

***It is important to wear a mask upon arrival for appointment.***

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Men's Services

Men's Haircut - $20
This is a men's basic haircut (temp, shadow, bald fade, etc.) Includes razor outline.(available upon request) (This service price starts at $20)
Men's Haircut w/ Facial Hair - $25
This is a men's basic haircut (temp, shadow, bald fade etc,) with facial hair design. Includes razor outline. (upon request) (This service price starts at $25)
Electrotherapy - $20
This treatment is for men who are thinning in the top region of the head. With the use of a frequency machine, violet sparks are emitted to treated area. This treatment is not guaranteed but can help to improve thinned/thinning area on the scalp.
Men's Line-Up (Head) - $12
Tapering of the nape (back), edging of the hairline only/includes razor outline (facial hair not included)
Men's Line-Up (Head and Face) - $15
Tapering of the nape (back) and outline of hairline and facial hair w/razor
Facial/Head Shave - $25
Use of steam towels to soften hair follicles and open pores followed by straight razor shave for smooth skin finish w/skin toner and moisturizer
Kids Cut (age 11-17) - $15
Hair is cut into desirable style (This service price starts at $15)
Kids (10 and under)- $10
Color (Hair/Facial Hair) - $25 (call for appointment)
Coloring of the hair or facial hair (consultation required)
This service price starts at $25+
Beard/Goatee Lining - $15
Edging of the beard or goatee as well as fading or trimming of the beard (includes razor outline and treatment under the neck to prevent razor bumps or ingrown hairs)
Head Shave w/beard shaping - $40
Shaving head completely (w/razor), finished with a hot towel& skin treatment to help prevent bumping or irritation to the head/face. Beard is also trimmed and shaped.
Shampoo - $10
Cleansing of the hair and scalp to remove debris, oil, flakes etc. followed with conditioning to infuse moisture
The MOGUL - $40
This package includes a haircut, facial hair grooming, stimulating shampoo, razor outline, w/hairline enhancement ( upon request) and finished with grooming products to make you FEEL like the MOGUL (This service price starts at $40)

Women's Services

THE MOGUL's Designer's Haircut - $40
Customizable haircut cut into clients desirable shape (consultation included). If a shampoo and style or blowout/silkwrap is needed please add to the service (This service price starts at $40)
Clipper cut - $20
Hair is cut with clippers only into desirable style and finished with product to style (This service price starts at $20)
Roller/Flexi Rod Set - $45
This is a wet set style that is used with rollers, flexi rods, etc. and then set under dryer to dry and styled as desired (relaxed and natural)(This service price starts at $45)
Shampoo and Style - $40
Hair is shampooed/conditioned and blow-dried followed by thermal style (This service price starts at $40)
THE MOGUL Blowout/Silk Wrap - $45
Hair is shampooed/conditioned, blown out then smoothed with flat iron for body and movement leaving a silky finish (this technique is for clients relaxed or natural) (This service price starts at $45)
Eyebrow Arch - $10
Eyebrows are arched into a curvature shape w/razor


Conditioning/Moisturizing - $15
Deep conditioner infused into hair for extra manageability and softness
Protein - $20
For damaged and chemical treated hair that has lost elasticity and strength. Protein helps to restore this...
Scalp Detox - $12
Detox the scalp of all debris, build-up and impurities using a menthol pre-cleanse.
It is sure to make scalp feel more hydrated and "open-pores" free
(This service price is between $12-22)


Tint Re-Touch - $60 (call for appointment)
Color is applied to new growth only/style NOT included *Consultation required*
(This service price starts at $60)
Virgin Tint - $60 (call for appointment)
Full head is colored for clients that have no color on hair or grey coverage/style NOT included
(This service price starts at $60) *Consultation required before service is admitted*
Custom Color - $100 (call for appointment)
Custom coloring consists of baliage, ombre', free painting techniques, etc. to accommodate client based on their desired look *Consultation required*
(This service price starts at $100)
Partial Highlight - $85 (call for appointment)
High/lowlight of any color is applied on half of the head/style NOT included *Consultation required* (This service price starts at $85)
Full Highlight - $110 (call for appointment)
High/lowlight of any color is applied to entire head/style NOT included *Consultation required* (This service price starts at $110)
Tint Covering Gray - $50 (call for appointment)
Gray coverage on gray hair
Consultation - $0
Hair assessment, evaluation of hair and desired color are discussed

Chemical Services

Re-Touch Relaxer - $110
New growth area near scalp is touched up after about 8wks. or more/includes style (This service price starts at $110)
***Professional Soft Sodium relaxer used***
Virgin Relaxer - $80
This is for hair that has never been relaxed. Hair is relaxed and styled as desired (This service price starts at $120)

Specialty Services

House Call - $75 (call for appointment)
On-site service (haircuts only)
(This service price starts at $75)
Wedding/Special Events - $100 (call for appointment)
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